Tuesday, July 27, 2010

is it really JULY 27! i cant believe i would already be home right now ... probably in the hot tub or eating a salad... reading a book , or talkin to the padres..
but im still here and im SOOOO GLAD i get to stay for 4 more months. I think about the things ive learned, the good and bad, tough and easy times, the relationships and conversations, the food ive eaten, the people ive met, and progress in construction, and the adventures of living in mexico- and im so grateful for each day God is allowing me to stay. I continure to learn that i cannot plan anything, and situations are completely out of my control-but thats kinda awesome because God has better things planned for me than i could think of, and He is taking care of me.

since the last time ive written alot of things have happened -
-. we had an amazing time with the Macon, Ga. group. Not only was i able to say ├Żall´all the time-and it be ok.. but the leaders and the kids on the team made the week very enjoyable, stress free, and fun for me, the rest of the interns and the kids at casa. i did almost lose about 2,000 pesos of the team.... but it ended up being in a hidden ripped out compartment of my pursebag :) but it was kinda nerve wracking.
-. i just got back on saturday night from a camping trip with Sobre el Puente. Sobre el puente, for those of you who dont know, is another mission to the world ministry here in Acapulco, for the street kids. i think i have explained it though.. so we went 12 LOONNNG hours to Guanajuato with about 12 kids and 6 leaders-including 3 of us interns. a good time was had by all :) i was able to get to know the kids more. there was plenty of time for good conversations and fellowship, bracelet making, and tossing the frisbee.it was very stress free for us interns becasuse we were not in charge of anything. we helped any way we could... but that wasmainly with translating, being there for the kids, and talking to the team members. (a team came from texas to work with the kids, do crafts, devotional, etc.-they were amazing and such a blessing to everyone). i did get bad sick on friday.. throwing up, sleeping on the bathroom floor... the works. but after another 12 hours on saturday we finally made it back home. I say ´home´because i literally was dying to get back to casa hogar, and when we did get back i felt like i was home. i couldnt see the kids until sunday morning, but when i did see them i was so happy. it felt like i had been gone for a long time.

-well my time is running out on this computer and i dont have 10 more pesos. there is tons more i could write and i know i need to be more constant in my updating. i think because of the camping trip all my plans and priorities got out of sorts. i love you all please continue to pray for casa hogar and the kids.

Monday, July 12, 2010

no manches

Where do I begin. ....
  It´s been a while. I apologize for that. We had 2 weeks with no teams, and although you might be thinking that we have been bumming around for 14 days- that is false. The first week i went to sobre el puente with samone, and week 2 was full of activities planned for the little kids. And i learned alot of stuff this week that i never would have thought about.... ie.
1. it´s super scary trying to do a bible lesson with 13 little mexican kids.
-the interns split up and took on some lessons each day and had a craft to go with it. My lesson was about some of the miracles of Jesus (water to wine, feeding 5,000, healing people). we divided the kids and they all put on their own little skits of the miracles. it was super cute and i think they enjoyed 'acting' it out. but it is scary trying to communicate with a bunch of mexican kids... and to do it in a mature and authoritative way.
2. they all love candy and watching movies- so if they dont listen, just threaten to take one of those away.
-after the lessons and games we had movie time with candy. that was fun and a good time-mainly good because it gave us interns a break after about 5 hours of nonstop activities with the little ones. the all really love watching movies, and eating fruity lollipops that are covered in chile powder....
3. I have a heart for doing construcion and really missed it these past weeks.
-i had to watch some of the older ones doing construction while it was our week to be with the younger kids.. and i was a little sad i couldnt help out at that point. but the day finally came TODAY and we had great construction time. The team is here now, and all 26 of them and 2 interns helped clear away sticks, breaking them, putting them in trash bags to be hauled off.. some others were busting part of the wall so that trucks can come in and take away all the rocks and rubble thats crowding the place where the new boys´s dorms are going to be. the work today was exciting, and i was glad to see progress happening. i was also SUPER happy because today i got to use a machette for the first time in a long time! i dont thin i had used one since Peru 3 or 4 years ago. But today i had a ball busting up sticks and logs. i have some nice new blisters that are forming over the old blisters from last year.
4. i like telling people what to do :)
- kinda a joke. more like... i like leading people-when i know what im doing (which isnt a lot). But i do enjoy helping out the teams, getting them situated, learning names, explaining things to the leaders.. its all very fun. Im thankful for the team here now, and i know casa hogar and the kids are as well. I think the main thing us interns will be telling this team to do is to slow down. They all all mostly in high school.. full of energy.. always running an playing soccer.- and the kids love them. But please pray that they all stay healthy and safe and strong throughout the whole week. They cant go dying on us on day 2.

But i have been learning a lot. mainly about how i need to rest. I tell the teams and the other interns to take a break, a siesta, to go rest. yet I rarely do. So i need to continue fighting against my urge to do everything, to be everywhere, to not miss anything,-.. and i need to rest in the fact that  the Lord is going to use me where I am and i dont need to worry so much. It´s a daily fight though.. to make myself slow down and not feel guilty when i dont do something or dont go somewhere. I have also been rediscovering that God loves me individually and personally. seeing and knowing that love is the only thing that enables me to love other people. So please pray that just as Christ loves me, i am now free to love others.

Friday, July 2, 2010

july 2- coffee helps alot

i say that coffee helps alot because... well yesterday we (again) lost power for the morning and i didnt get to drink any coffee :) so i felt like i was in a funk all day. It was tough walking down the hill, doing to Sobre el puente with Samone, trying to sing and keep my eyes open, then come all the way back to casa and be here for the kids and interns too. I think the Lord was showing both me and Samone that we need to rest sometimes. The night before we had slept upstairs with the girls, gone to bed late, woken up early, probably had played soccer the day before.. and we were just bookin it all week. I think it is good to slow down sometimes and to rest in the realization that we can do nothing alone.. but our help and strength comes from the Lord.
 With that in my mind and heart,... we DID have electricity this morning and i was able to have 2 nice cups of coffee before we headed out this morning. Samone and I both felt alot better and it was a blessed day going to Sobre el Puente. It was one of the boys´birthday today... so we all celebrated that together. He wentout to buy tortillas, and when he came back we had balloons, cake, and presents. Afterwards he told us that this was the first time his birthday has ever been celebrated. He just turned 18- and this was his first birthday.Icouldnt really think about that at that moment... but ive been realizing how selfish I am when i think of my birthdays- how i think that i deserve something. He was very grateful today for everyone and everything. He is this amazing young man, plays the guitar amazingly, draws, sings... he´s just incredibly gifted. Please pray for his life. that he will be able to live one more year. That the Lord will open his heart to hear the gospel. That he will see that there is someone that loves him even more than the workers at sobre el puente do.
  I have been encouaged greatly by going to sobre el puente this week .It´s been hard to think abot theguys and girls when they leave. I have to put their lives in His hands. There was a girl that came today with her one year old, gorgeous, baby boy. I gave them both a haircut.... then we said bye to them later. Please pray for this young mother that is trying tocare for her baby while living on the street.
  tomorrow another intern is coming for 2 weeks. Im going to head to the airport to pick him up. then the Next week week is the week with the younger kids. We have tons of bible lessons, plays, and games all planned out... then the next week a team from Macon is coming..... sooo there is ALOT to pray for :) I know this post was kinda splotchy...and ill try to write more next time. love and peace.