Tuesday, September 14, 2010

   For those of yall that are not Mexican and dont know, tomorrow is Mexico´s Independence day and also Bicentenial celebration. they go all out on food, decorations, fireworks... no one has work or school tomorrow. It should be pretty crazy. Besides going to Sobre el puente in the morning im not planning on going out. wr are having a fiesta at sobre el puente the 15th, and then the 16th Casa hogar will have a fiesta with everyone from the church. Obviously ive never been here for this holiday, but i did see pictures from last year and the party looks  really fun. traditional dances, tons of food, tons of people.. im really excited.
  Recently I have been going over to the missionary couples´house to help babysit, to eat and be encouraged. I go to sobre el puente in the mornings with Irving, the dad, and go to the house to hang out and help Donna, the mom. They are an amazing couple, great parents to 3 beautiful children, and so helpful in giving me spiritual encouragement. Im very thankful for them. I talked recently to Donna about how it can be a bit disheartening working in casa and sobre el puente. I want so much to see an overnight change in some of these kids... i want to see these street kids live a drug and pain free life, thrive and have a future like every kid should, and be changed by Jesus. i want these kids of casa hogar to see how much i love them, how much Jesus has already done for them. I want them to love Jesus, me, and love eachother.
  Please please pray for the kids at casa hogar and at sobre el puente. The Lord can do incredible things and i know He is working in some of these guys and girls. Pray that I keep trying to witness to them. I have seen that with some of the kids, the older girls especially, my words cant do anything. Nothing i say can get through to them. It doesnt matter how much i try to love them, they only try to hurt me and others. It doesnt matter how much they have at casa Hogar, they refuse to see the good in their lives. I know that my words are not powerful enough to break the years and years of walls built up.. only Jesus and His words are strong enough to break them. I love these girls so much. therefore i will continue to forgive and love them, be there for them if and when they need me, and I will try to use the words of Jesus to get through to them. Most importantly i need to continue to pray for them. I am no different than them at all, so please continue to pray for me and my soul as well.
   This post is a bit shorter because im baby sitting at the couples´s house and the twins are screaming bloody murder... also its shorter because this is mainly the only thing thats been on my heart recently. Please pray for these kids and continue to pray for me.

pray for mexico - and !!!!VIVA MEXICO!!!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

almost sep 15!!

Hi yall.
 Since the last time i wrote the kids have started classes, I´m back at Sobre el puente in the mornings, and homework is basically all afternoon. I love getting up at seeing the kids leave for school. They have the cutest uniforms here in Mexico!  I dont understand why in the world schools would make them ever wear white, but all their uniforms are white with green pants, or red pants.. and they have to keep them super clean all the time. It´s interesting, and a little distressing seeing how similar the schools here are to the schools in France...from what i remember of france. I went with the kids about a month ago to their middle school, and today I went to one of the high schools just to see how it was. And I can say that it is ALOT different in the United States. It makes me a little nervous because I always said i wanted to be a´n english teacher here in Mexico...we´ll see.
 Like i always say,.. I really cant change anything here on my own, and sometimes my powerlessness is a little depressing. sometimes all I can do is continue in the little things like helping with homework, helping make food at sobre el puente, playing uno with the street kids, laughing with them, singing with them, .. playing soccer at casa,... I know God can use me in the mundane day to day stuff.
 But my patience and my good attitude collapses at times, my temper gets the better of me, and sometimes it is so frustrating living with kids. But it´s good to hang out with the older guys and girls too,. and recently ive been enjoying cooking and listening to music in the kitchen with some of the older ones. God has blessed me with some great times here, some difficult ones to learn by, and has given me great friends here.

In these past two weeks i have realized that the reason i have felt so consumed by the hard times is because i have been lacking personal devotional time. It´s good to realize again and again how important it is to read the Bible. .. which is what i had been forgetting these past few weeks. I wake up incredibly early and have no problem journaling and praying,... but as far as reading the Bible, I had been putting that off. I think it´s because i thought that i had read it all and didnt need to read it again so soon. But today and yesterday I started reading the Old Testament, probably for the first time in a LONG time, ... and you know what it´s actually really really interesting. It´s not full of stories of perfect people who performed miracles. The more I read the more i realize that it´s really full of stories of sinners who suffer from what we all suffer from...pride and unbelief. and more importantly it´s about how God´s grace was true then, and it´s true now. The more i realize how much of a sinner i am and how much Im forgiven, it makes it easier to forgive these kids at times.

 In closing... Ill be continuing to go to Sobre el puente in the morning, be in Casa in the afternoons. I need deep continuous prayer that I realize more why God has brought me here and what He wants. i need prayer to be able to stay true to my ministry here, to love these kids with all my heart and to want the best for them. I need prayer to love mexico... because its hard to not get frustrated with the culture differences.  I need prayer for my arthritis.
 Thank you all for supporting me. Im very thankful for this time here. Im thankful for my family here in mexico and the church, and im thankful for yall, family and friends, back in the states. I love you all.