Tuesday, July 27, 2010

is it really JULY 27! i cant believe i would already be home right now ... probably in the hot tub or eating a salad... reading a book , or talkin to the padres..
but im still here and im SOOOO GLAD i get to stay for 4 more months. I think about the things ive learned, the good and bad, tough and easy times, the relationships and conversations, the food ive eaten, the people ive met, and progress in construction, and the adventures of living in mexico- and im so grateful for each day God is allowing me to stay. I continure to learn that i cannot plan anything, and situations are completely out of my control-but thats kinda awesome because God has better things planned for me than i could think of, and He is taking care of me.

since the last time ive written alot of things have happened -
-. we had an amazing time with the Macon, Ga. group. Not only was i able to say ├Żall´all the time-and it be ok.. but the leaders and the kids on the team made the week very enjoyable, stress free, and fun for me, the rest of the interns and the kids at casa. i did almost lose about 2,000 pesos of the team.... but it ended up being in a hidden ripped out compartment of my pursebag :) but it was kinda nerve wracking.
-. i just got back on saturday night from a camping trip with Sobre el Puente. Sobre el puente, for those of you who dont know, is another mission to the world ministry here in Acapulco, for the street kids. i think i have explained it though.. so we went 12 LOONNNG hours to Guanajuato with about 12 kids and 6 leaders-including 3 of us interns. a good time was had by all :) i was able to get to know the kids more. there was plenty of time for good conversations and fellowship, bracelet making, and tossing the frisbee.it was very stress free for us interns becasuse we were not in charge of anything. we helped any way we could... but that wasmainly with translating, being there for the kids, and talking to the team members. (a team came from texas to work with the kids, do crafts, devotional, etc.-they were amazing and such a blessing to everyone). i did get bad sick on friday.. throwing up, sleeping on the bathroom floor... the works. but after another 12 hours on saturday we finally made it back home. I say ´home´because i literally was dying to get back to casa hogar, and when we did get back i felt like i was home. i couldnt see the kids until sunday morning, but when i did see them i was so happy. it felt like i had been gone for a long time.

-well my time is running out on this computer and i dont have 10 more pesos. there is tons more i could write and i know i need to be more constant in my updating. i think because of the camping trip all my plans and priorities got out of sorts. i love you all please continue to pray for casa hogar and the kids.


Linda said...

I love you , Beka, and am so proud of you !!!!

quiet girl said...

so I've gone back and read all your entries now and it made me miss you even more (if that is possible). I am going to read and comment as frequent as possible. Haha you really did mention my name alot! I enjoyed that and reading about all our adventures and reflecting back on all the times, and thinking about conversations..ah this summer has really been a blessing. Ok So you should update about how horrible it is without me...just kidding! I am so glad you are still there having a wonderful time and Im excited to read more about happennings over there and the kids and what God is teaching you and how he is using you as a tool for his kingdom in Casa Hogar. I'm going to write you an actual letter! And this is really great because now I can just read this and know what to pray for you about. And it keeps me updated on the kids and you. I miss you very much Beka and I am praying for you and the kids and this ministry.
Te quiero mucho,