Wednesday, October 27, 2010

So there are about 5 more weeks left. time is flying by...
there was a new change of pace for me and the kids the past week when a team came. but it wasnt just any team.. it was MY team with my dad and sister! I cant really explain how excited i was even just knowing my dad was going to be there. but then when i saw my sister peak around the corner in the airport i lost it and did my whole crying over the top and embarrasing everyone around me thing. It was great to have that week with the my daddy and big sister and im SO THANKFUL for the people that made our time together possible. Thank you so much!!
 i know ill see them and everyone soon,.. ergo i didnt cry my eyes out when i said goodbye.

Honestly i didnt really know how much the team and i were going to get done in Casa Hogar. But making a dent in construction isnt what its all about. What its about is just being there.. being an example of love even for a short time. Even if a kids can have a good time, play a fun game, and be held by someone for a few days- thats something. I know the kids were greatly impacted by the team of women and my dad. They all gave so much love to the kids, and Christ was just pouring out of them everywhere they went.. and i know the kids can see that. Its especially good for the new boys and girls that just came to casa hogar.
The friday night fiesta was a hoot. PiÑatas, hamburgers, and dancing.. you cant really go wrong. I had a blast dancing with the kids and i loved dancing with my dad-who is a great dancer btw-

these past few days since the team left have been filled with the same ol thing... and i love it! some stuff this week,...
-Mornings always vary... monday i went to help out the missionary family Donna and Irving with her 3 kids. The afternoon was the usual playing with girls upstairs ... we have recently been playing a lot of ¨school¨ which they love to do. Im either the strict teacher, or the disobedient student. I also have been reestablishing my hidden love for soccer and have been playing a lot with the kids. I hope to come back able to do some pretty sweet moves. Tuesday was kinda funny... because of a miscommunication i ended up not going to sobre el puente in the morning. Its interesting how God can totally change how you thought your day was going to go. waking up and thinking you know exactly whats going to happen.... then having everything change. I liked it though, and used my morning at Casa to help some kids that wwere there with homework. The ones that go to the public school came back early so i ended up having extra time with them as well. Besides playing school.. we love to play tag, make bracelets, read, tickle, play ïm flying¨, and sleep. I love these girls so much i cant imagine being away from them. I know i cant be here forever... i cant be their mom or even their sister. But I can be something in the time im here. i can talk to them, love them, and try to help them understand that Jesus loves them too.
each one of them is so precious. not only to me, but to God. He has taken care of them by bringing them here, and they are so blessed to be in a safe and secure environment with people that love them and friends to play and talk to.
They are so silly-they love to play and invent things, play jokes, run around for no reason, dance like maniacs. they are so smart- they love to read, draw, organize, do homework. They are so talented- some are incredibly athletic, some love to dance, sing, play instruments, make bracelets..
Im going to miss them so much. They need so much love and have so much love to give.

This coming up week starting monday im going to be in charge of the youngest 2 girls while the real ¨care giver¨is going to be in the US. Ill be looking after two 4 year olds... soooo.. pray for me. I love these girls so much and im really excited, but also i know im naive in thinking i wont get tired or annoyed. Pray for the patience that im going to need...
Pray for the patience i need now as i am living daily with almost 60 kids. Pray that i stay focused and that my mission will continue to be to share the love of Jesus through my words and actions. Pray that i use the rest of my time here, 5 short short weeks, to do the best i can, to remember that Jesus loves me no matter what, and to love the kids. Pray that i dont get too sad as time is running down, and that ill look forward more and more to be back with my church, family and friends.


raschnit said...

Hey, thanks for the update! I´ll be praying for your time with the two little ones! Is it Loolve that usually takes care of them? Why/where is she going to be in the US? :)

Samone said...

Ahh you come back to the US so soon! make sure you get in touch when you do. I misss you. I am praying for you and the kids always. I'm so glad you got to see your family. Haha the whole making a idiot of yourself in the airport and crying when you saw your family...I did the exact same thing so girl you are not alone. grr I miss you and I know that its going to be hard coming back and all so if you need someone to talk to give me a call. I know that the God is using you and will continue to give you strength for the remainder of your time there. Hope everyone is doing well and tell the kids, espcially Santiago, Uriel, Alexis, Grecia, Martha and yarey I said hi and i love them and miss them and I'm praying for them. LOVE YOU Beka May.