Saturday, June 26, 2010

cafe freeze

-so a cafe freeze is this amazing slurpy-ish, coffee/ice cream drink that we get at the OXXO( basically like a 7 11). I fell in love with them the first year i came.. and i have already had my 3rd since being here. those who dont like coffee would love them. and it only costs about a dollar 60 (compared to something not even as amazing at starbucks for 5 dollars). aaannyyways...

 The team left today. It was emotional for the kids and the group. The team members mean alot to these kids and have really impacted the orphange and Sobre el Puente ( the street kids ministry). The week with them was fantastic in fact that 3 of them are not leaving :) the girl who left her passport on the bus has to stay until friday. Rachel, her mother, and brother, are going to be with us for 5 more days. Please pray that they will see this time as an opportunity to continue sharing Christ with these kids. .. and that we will all just go with the flow these next few days.
 Speaking of going with the flow... The interns and I went to the beach again this Sat. morning with a few of the kids. I was really tired, but went for about an hour in order to chill with one of the kids that had left Casa Hogar but was going to come to the beach to hang out with the kids. So we went and had fun climbing rocks (getting some scrapes) and jumping into the water. I seem to always underestimate the power of waves and the sharpness of ocean rocks.. and i think all of us came back with a few cuts. But it´s all good no worries (mom) ;) It was fun. Right after a quick shower and some food some of the interns got to go to 3 of the boys´soccer game. That was so much fun!! Bus rides are always semi sketchy and you never know exactly why we are stopped at some store for 15 minutes... My patience is definitely tested, but as i looked back at the boys who are about to be late for their soccer game but are being super chill, .. i become less frantic and learn how to go with the flow. The game was really great. 'our boys' scored 3 out of the 7 points, and ended up winning big time. We took them to the OXXO (7 11) to celebrate.. and we all got cafe freeze/gatorade/huge bottles of water/gum. I think we just got back about 30 minutes ago and im super worn out. .... but yet if they are playing futbol at the casa ill probably join ;)
  I actually have not been playing soccer alot, minus on wed. Wed was the teams day off and they got to enjoy acapulco for the afternoon with some of the interns. .. while I and the others had our free day. My idea of a perfect free day is staying in the Casa and chilling... maybe going out and buying a bonafeena (gogurt ish thing). So thats what i ended up doing and it was really great. Playing soccer for 2 hours=an insane workout=really dihydrated.. but really fun.

  -I did want to share about the week coming up (mon-fri). Samone and I are going to be going to Sobre el Puente for that week.We dont have a team this week or next, but have some great things planned for them which im really excited about!!Buuuuut.. Samone and I have the opprtunity to go to the street child´s ministry and try to be a blessing to the workers and the kids there. This ministy is so important and I have seen how it has been doing incredible things for these kids who would otherwise be on the streets all day. The poverty, and insane sufferings of these guys and girls really affected me last year. It was really hard to be a part of that ministry where I see so much is needed, then leave, see the same kids on the street just hours later, then go to Casa Hogar and try to minister there as well. Like i said before, Im not superwoman, and I got really bogged down with my lack of power and also with just sadness and depression. Even going back for ONE DAY  on thursday, all those thoughts and feelings came back, and I became really nervous that this was going to be too much for me to go for a week. -and it will be too much for ME. .. but not to much if i call upong the Lord to give me strength. That night some of us interns that share a room prayer together, and that was very encouraging. Please pray that as Samone and I go to Sobre el Puente we wont concentrate on how much we are unable to change the guys and girls, but instead we will see how we are given this week to simply love them. The staff there is incredible and I feel so blessed to have gotten to know them last year. The kids are all new since last year.. and im excited about getting to know them this week.

Thats all for now. Im doing well physically... i still have arthritis, need more water, need more showers and need more sleep :)

peace and blessings. Thank you all for allowing me to be here and for helping these kids and this orphange. Yall are instruments of His hands. Dios to bendiga


cejer said...

Keep loving on those kids!! Praying for you dear:)

sarah said...

Girl GOd is awesome and you are awesomely showing his awesomeness ;) I'm loving how I can just picture you there when I read your posts. Miss you bunches but loving hearing about your 'gifts' being given to everyone around you.

Linda said...

Beka, thank you for your great updates....I am so glad that you are doing well. Keep on keeping on.... you are a faithful worker...and He is a faithful God. I love you ! Mama