Wednesday, June 2, 2010

day before takeoff

Before I leave I have to thank all my supporters who are making this trip possible. I would love to be able to say that I could go on my own and not have to ask other people for help. But I can't.. because without the financial support of my family, friends, and people in my church, trips like this would not be a reality. Not only am I grateful for the money that allows me to go :) I'm also thankful for the prayers and spiritual support. So thank yall for sending me to Casa Hogar. It will be my home, and for these next 6 months I will help with missions teams, hang out in the orphanage, make bracelets, salsa dance, and share Christ with the kids.
There's a lot more that goes in to being an intern.. a lot of unscheduled things occur. I'm expecting not being able to know what to expect each day. So pray that the Lord keeps me humble, takes away my pride, calms my nerves and keeps me healthy. But when and if I get sick, when the kids keep being childish, when I lose my temper, when I miss my family, and when I can't eat another quessadilla, pray that I remember to turn to Him for help. Just like I couldn't go to Acapulco without yall's support, I definitely can't survive these next months without the grace of God.
I'm looking forward to meeting all the new interns that are already working hard at Casa Hogar, and I'm SO EXCITED about reconnecting with 2 interns from last year! Please pray that we interns will remember why we are in Mexico in the first place... not for an adventurous summer, not to get a tan, and not to make little kids love us. But pray that our goal and mission remains to be sharing the gospel with the kids through word and deed, and showing them the same unconditional love that our Father has given us.

*Through December, I will try to update yall on my time at Casa Hogar. Please forgive my bad grammer, my run on sentences, and my spastic writing tendencies. I love to draw, paint, read, play tennis, eat tamales, and share Christ with kids... I am not a writer:) But I hope yall enjoy my periodical updates. I leave for ATL airport around 8am, should be taking off and arriving in Mexico City by 3, in Acapulco by 7, and at Casa Hogar by 8:30. ...but.. I'm expecting for not everything to go exactly as planned. ...

Dios te bendiga,

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Brianna said...

I love you!!! See ya at debrief down the road :) I pray God will use you and the other interns for His glory!