Saturday, June 5, 2010

3 days in

 It´s Saturday right now and I´m at a little internet cafe with 3 of the kids. Ï arrvied Thursday night around 8 and instantly was greeted by the kids. It was so great seeing them again, i can´t really explain it. The night seemed like a whole day. I met the teams, met all the interns, said hey to kids, hung out with the girls upstairs, saw more kids, met the new ones.. then the interns had a meeting at our team leader´s house. Us interns got to know eachother for a bit then we went back to the casa... and i finally put my suitcase in my room and got to unpack a bit.
  Friday we jumped right in to construction then had an amazing meal with the team. The first bite of the salsa made me so happy I was there! The fiesta at night was alot of fun. Even though for some reason we didnt salsa dance, there was  a lot of soccer, uno, frisbee, etc. and the whole team took the kids to the store to get snacks. They also made a slide show for the kids to see. Some of us interns slept upstairs with the girls last night. we just made the floor one huge matress. I fell asleep immedietely :)
  Today I woke up and ate with the kids, played some, then helped with the dishes (which is a horrific sight but kinda fun to do).. then the other interns and i and Doug´s family went to the beach for our ¨day off¨. That was quite fun, but after the bus rides, the walking, the hours in the hot sun and the huge waves, i was very much ready to go back to casa and be with the kids. So I went back and played with some of the younger kids... then realized I had left my keys with the other interns who are still out. So I decided to come with some of the chicas to use the internet.
  Even though I cant remember everything that I do I want yall to know Im so happy that Im back. Please continue to pray that the Lord will strengthen my relationships with the girls here, and also with the interns. It´s great to be able to tell the kids I´m staying till December and Im so looking forward to seeing what the Lord has in store these next few months. I´m so happy I´m not leaving in 2 months. I couldnt imagine. But it´s going to be dificult and draining and tiresome.. but also very rewarding.
  Besides the constant feeling of dehydration and dirtiness... this couldnt be better :) but even in those things im rejoicing that I can just be here with these kids.
Thank yall so much for getting me here.
besos y abrazos


Linda said...

Hola Beka,
Je suis si contente que tu va bien ( actually i should use the subjunctive there, but i didn't know if you'd remember that from your childhood)...
Tu as l'air super bien, et je suis ravi . Ne fais pas trop, quand meme.
Laves-toi bien deux ou trois fois par jour. Nous voulons pas que tu sois malade.

Je t'aime, mon amour. Tu me manque, aussi.
Bisous, Mama

cejer said...

Hey dear!!

So glad you are going to be updating us while you are there:) Play your heart our with those sweet kids - I couldn't imagine a better gal to be loving on them. I am excited to see the Lord work in and through you ... praying for you:)


Becky said...

this is amazing. I love you, I miss you, and I'm praying for you.

Kathryn said...

This is amazing. I'm glad things were awesome right upon your return! and what Becky said- love you and praying!

Katelyn said...

I have your blog bookmarked, and I think about you often! Wishing you were going to be at UGA come August to go heydelicious people, but you are where you belong. Maybe just figure out how to do it in espanol.... actually....maybe don't. ;)


anonymous said...

Hey Beka,

I love your updates and miss you a lot